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I have been recruiting in sales, building products, industrial, packaging, electrical, forestry, technology, the service sector, as well as many other industries for 23 years. My clients consist of single source companies to multi-national fortune 100 corporations. I have successfully and will work on single search assignments as well as, national multiple search assignment projects. I am a team player, a perennial pacesetter and top ten in the pacific region within my company.

I don’t try to make it fit – I deliver the best fit, based on common goals, philosophies, and skill sets that are needed; matching both the companies and candidates cultural needs to form long term productive business relationships. I want to make my clients problem and pain mine; and deliver quality solutions in a timely cost effective manner to ease their pain. Moreover, I genuinely care about my clients and candidates, fully understanding the decision to hire and/or to make a career change are very important and life changing for both. My career is dedicated to enhancing each for the better. Therefore enriching my industry and myself knowing that I am making a positive impact.

Simply, I recruit the best available candidates in a given territory or area of expertise, most of whom are currently working, well educated, and are the top in their prospective position or significantly contributing to their companies success as well as their own. People who can verify their success through carefully screening and referencing and are committed to change to enhance both their career and financial goals, with sound reasons to make a career move. Moreover, I am specifically committed and specialize in promoting minority and female candidates who are committed to entering nontraditional roles.

Your Interview is Calling! NEVER SAY THESE 10 THINGS

Many job candidates are nervous about participating in a job interview. After much hard work in writing countless resumes, cover letters, and job appl...
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Closing the job interview - your opportunity

We have discussed many aspects of an effective job search, including interview techniques, appropriate questions, professional presentation and demean...
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The 25 most difficult questions you'll be asked on a job interview

The 25 most difficult questions you'll be asked on a job interview Being prepared is half the battle. If you are one of those executive types unhappy ...
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I hire like I sell

If you are like most people you probably cringed when you read the headline. The idea of treating someone's career and life like closing a deal is col...
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7 Things You Should Have Said at the Job Interview

One common complaint among job seekers is that they go on interview after interview and never receive a job offer. If you fit into this category, cons...
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4 dumb things people do during interviews

You know what a STAR question is, right? It’s those interview questions where you’re supposed to give a: S/T — Situation/Task A —  Action You Too...
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Tips for Employers

Earlier in my career, I thought I needed long interview guides and had been trained to have extensive interviews. I remember after interviewing it wou...
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Resume Tips

Include only things on your resume that you want to do again. Provide accurate/ thorough information In reference to Education: Ivy League – list 1st....
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