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Resume Tips

  • Include only things on your resume that you want to do again.
  • Provide accurate/ thorough information
  • In reference to Education: Ivy League – list 1st. Grad. w/in 3 yrs list 1st. Otherwise list education at bottom
  • Professional Experience
  • Include meaningful work experience that you want to do again.
  • Under company state: What the company does
  • Under title what you did
  • List employment-chronological order
  • If editing is not your strength ask some one to review your resume.
  • Skip summary. Quickest way to be disqualify yourself.
  • Name your document: your name- title of the position.
  • Objective: Not needed on your resume.
  • Reference: Do not list on resume or mention that they will be provided. We know you will.
  • Present your resume in a thoughtful and compelling manner. Speaking to the audience you are submitting to.
Tips for Employers
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